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Walkabout Back End Harness


Walkabout Back End Harness

Product description

Size:Extra Large

Support harness for dogs and cats with walking difficulties in the back end. Help your senior dog walk when they have arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or other debilitating ailments or disabled dogs needing help with mobility or balance. INJURED DOGS - Ideal for dogs recovering from knee, hip or back injuries. Great for rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries. Used in Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics. support sling with long handles to assist your pet with walking Recommended by veterinary specialists, rehabilitation therapists and veterinary teaching institutions world wide as the best and safest means to rehabilitate your pet safely. Our products have been assisting dogs for over 30 years END BACK PAIN - Stop bending over to lift your dog off of the ground. Our sling allows you to give your dog a lift without bending over.

Walkabout Back End Harness

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