Sham,Matelassé,$33,/gnomonical239176.html,White,Shell,,Euro,White,Sham,Euro,CF,Home,Home Kitchen , Bedding CF Home White Shell Euro Matelassé Sham Spring new work $33 CF Home White Shell Matelassé Euro Sham Euro Sham White Home Kitchen Bedding $33 CF Home White Shell Matelassé Euro Sham Euro Sham White Home Kitchen Bedding CF Home White Shell Euro Matelassé Sham Spring new work Sham,Matelassé,$33,/gnomonical239176.html,White,Shell,,Euro,White,Sham,Euro,CF,Home,Home Kitchen , Bedding

CF Home White Shell Euro Matelassé Sham gift Spring new work

CF Home White Shell Matelassé Euro Sham Euro Sham White


CF Home White Shell Matelassé Euro Sham Euro Sham White

Product description

A crisp White accent is just what your coastal bedding needs. The White shell matelasse euro sham creates a peaceful seaside oasis with a discrete shell design. Crafted of cotton and machine washable for easy care, this sham is secured by hidden ties and an envelope closure.

CF Home White Shell Matelassé Euro Sham Euro Sham White

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StoreSMART - Clear Plastic 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" Pockets - Magnetic Ba

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