$23 Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10" Lazy Susan Bearing With Stop Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10" Lazy Bearing Susan Stop Over item handling ☆ With $23,Susan,With,goddessbodywork.com,Stop,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bearing,/hemiligulate116182.html,10",4BS-10-1,Lazy,Rev-A-Shelf $23 Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10" Lazy Susan Bearing With Stop Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10" Lazy Bearing Susan Stop Over item handling ☆ With $23,Susan,With,goddessbodywork.com,Stop,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bearing,/hemiligulate116182.html,10",4BS-10-1,Lazy,Rev-A-Shelf

Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10

Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10" Lazy Susan Bearing With Stop


Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10" Lazy Susan Bearing With Stop

Product description

Wood Classic 10" Lazy Susan Bearing with Stop This bearing for a Wood Classic Lazy Susan is a replacement or used when buying shelves and bearings separately. This bearing is made of aluminum with a 10" diameter and a stop and is made for Wood Classic D-shaped shelves. Wasted space is a thing of the past! Rev-A-Shelf is the world's largest manufacturer of functional storage organizing products. Rev-A-Shelf can offer both the professional and the homeowner the finest cabinet storage solutions available. Features: 10" Diameter Aluminum material Bearing with stop only

Rev-A-Shelf 4BS-10-1 10" Lazy Susan Bearing With Stop

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