$102 Dometic 930008.130 White Patty O'Room Awning Sunscreen Automotive RV Parts Accessories $102 Dometic 930008.130 White Patty O'Room Awning Sunscreen Automotive RV Parts Accessories Dometic 930008.130 White Patty Sunscreen New Shipping Free Shipping Awning O'Room Dometic 930008.130 White Patty Sunscreen New Shipping Free Shipping Awning O'Room Dometic,O'Room,930008.130,$102,Patty,/hemiligulate637482.html,goddessbodywork.com,Sunscreen,White,Awning,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories Dometic,O'Room,930008.130,$102,Patty,/hemiligulate637482.html,goddessbodywork.com,Sunscreen,White,Awning,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories

Dometic 930008.130 White Patty Sunscreen In a popularity New Shipping Free Awning O'Room

Dometic 930008.130 White Patty O'Room Awning Sunscreen


Dometic 930008.130 White Patty O'Room Awning Sunscreen

Product description

Dometic Patty O'Room uses starter kit (sold separately) and additional zippered panels to create any sized room standard or tall height. Easy set-up and take-down, no tools needed. 2', 4' and 8' panels available with a super-durable non-flammable screen fabric that repels moisture, dries quickly to resist mildew. Roll-down privacy panels sewn in.To determine if you need Standard or Tall Starter kit measure the distance from ground to the vehicle's awning rail. 93" to 110"= Standard Height. 111" to 120"=Tall Height. To determine which panels are needed: 8' and 9' awning=Starter + 4' panel, 10' and 11' awning= Starter + 4' panel + 2' panel, 12' and 13" awning= Starter+ 4' panel + 4' panel, 14' and 15' awnings= Starter+ 8" panel + 2' panel, 16' and 17' awning= Starter+ 8' panel+4' panel, 18' and 19' awning= Starter+ 8' panel + 4' panel + 2' panel, 20' and 21' awning= Starter + 8' panel + 8' panel, 22" and 23" awning+ Starter + 8' panel + 8' panel + 2' panel, 24" and 25" awning= Starter + 8' panel + 8' panel + 4' panel.

Dometic 930008.130 White Patty O'Room Awning Sunscreen

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