$823 Aeromotive 17168 Fuel System, Phantom 340, Return Style(Phantom Automotive Replacement Parts Aeromotive 17168 Fuel Bombing free shipping System Phantom Style Return 340 goddessbodywork.com,System,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Aeromotive,Fuel,/hemiligulate658482.html,340,,Return,Style(Phantom,Phantom,$823,17168 goddessbodywork.com,System,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Aeromotive,Fuel,/hemiligulate658482.html,340,,Return,Style(Phantom,Phantom,$823,17168 $823 Aeromotive 17168 Fuel System, Phantom 340, Return Style(Phantom Automotive Replacement Parts Aeromotive 17168 Fuel Bombing free shipping System Phantom Style Return 340

Aeromotive 17168 Fuel Bombing free shipping System Phantom Credence Style Return 340

Aeromotive 17168 Fuel System, Phantom 340, Return Style(Phantom


Aeromotive 17168 Fuel System, Phantom 340, Return Style(Phantom

Product description

These new Phantom EFI Fuel Systems include all main fuel system components required to create a proper return-style EFI fuel system for engines with today's Hot New Carb to EFI Throttle Body Conversion Systems, including the desired Phantom Baffled Fuel Pump Kit a 340 LPH fuel pump.  Each system ships with the a custom black EFI bypass fuel pressure regulator, high-flow billet fuel filter, filter mounting bracket, plus all the required port fittings and O-rings, the deluxe wiring kit (not shown) and Aeromotive fuel pressure gauge. Ideal for popular throttle body EFI conversions systems that make the move to EFI so easy.  Suitable for naturally aspirated and blown, EFI engines producing from 300- 700 plus flywheel Horse Power, on the street or at the track.  AN-06 Style fuel hose and hose-ends are required for the installation of a fuel supply and return line, sold separately and not included. This kit contains the following parts: 1ea pan 18688 Phantom 340, 1ea pan 12321 Filter 10 micron Paper, 1ea pan 12305 Filter Bracket, 1ea pan 13131 Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1ea pan 16307 Fuel Pump Wiring Kit, 6 ea. pan 15606 AN-06 ORB to AN-06 flare, 2 ea. pan 15609 AN-10 ORB to AN-06 flare, 1 ea. pan 15626 AN-06 Port Plug, 1ea pan 15633 Gauge, 0-100 psi.

Aeromotive 17168 Fuel System, Phantom 340, Return Style(Phantom

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