$140 Hi-Line Gifts 17.5" Black and Gold Contemporary Velvet Round Ott Home Kitchen Furniture Hi-Line Gifts 17.5" Black and Gold Velvet Contemporary Round Ott Max 83% OFF $140 Hi-Line Gifts 17.5" Black and Gold Contemporary Velvet Round Ott Home Kitchen Furniture Gifts,Gold,Black,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Hi-Line,Round,/microbicidal239296.html,and,Contemporary,17.5",Velvet,goddessbodywork.com,Ott,$140 Gifts,Gold,Black,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Hi-Line,Round,/microbicidal239296.html,and,Contemporary,17.5",Velvet,goddessbodywork.com,Ott,$140 Hi-Line Gifts 17.5" Black and Gold Velvet Contemporary Round Ott Max 83% OFF

Hi-Line Gifts 17.5

Hi-Line Gifts 17.5" Black and Gold Contemporary Velvet Round Ott


Hi-Line Gifts 17.5" Black and Gold Contemporary Velvet Round Ott

Product description

Like an accent piece but a lot functional, this round ottoman is a runaway solution for both aesthetic and seating problems at your home. Opulently upholstered, the duo-toned piece is bookended by a finishing topstitch and an inch of gold band accenting to its foot. Go for it! No regrets guaranteed! Features: Features glossy gold finish with stainless steel detailing. Made of soft velvet seat with round base. Made with durable materials which will last for longer period of time. Recommended for indoor use only Dimensions: 17.7"H x 17.7"W x 17.7"D. Material(s): metal

Hi-Line Gifts 17.5" Black and Gold Contemporary Velvet Round Ott

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